Hellifield Parish Council

About the Parish Council

Who makes up the Parish Council?
There are seven parish councillors who serve a four-year term. The present council’s term last until May 2022. In addition the Parish Council employs a part-time clerk and a part-time handyman.
The current councillors are: Brian Hugill (Chairman), David Statt (Vice Chairman), Bob Moore, Julian Sleath, John Thwaite, Fiona Ludlam-Brown and Isobel Walton (co-opted).The Clerk is Mary Blackwell.

Parish councillors are not paid but are required to conform to a code of conduct and declare any conflict of interest.

How is the council elected?

Craven District Council posts notices seeking nominations. Nominees need to be at least 18 yrs old and on the electoral roll, they also require a proposer and a seconder who are also on this roll. If there are more than seven nominations an election is held. If seven or less nominations are received all those nominated are appointed. The Parish Council has the power to co-opt to fill a vacancy and may not run with less than seven members without permission.

How is funding obtained?

Basic budget comes via Craven District Council from a precept on our Council Tax which the Parish Council sets every year. In addition the Parish Council can apply for specific grants and receive donations from fund raising activities.

How do I raise an issue with the Parish Council?

Councillors are around the village and are happy to listen to anyone who wishes to raise a point. Formal contact can be made by:

How do I complain to the Parish Council?
Please see the complaints procedure adopted by the Parish Council.
What can the Parish Council do?
Parish Councils have a range of powers to act but in practice have to work within a very limited budget and most do not take up all their potential powers. In addition to the formal responsibilities it:
A summary of the responsibilities of the Parish, District, and County Councils can be found HERE.
Is there anything I can do to help?
Yes, and it need not take up too much of your time.
Let us have any bright ideas you have which we may be able to use for the whole village to benefit from.

Hellifield Parish Council
May 2020.

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